Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paintings of India

Painting of India :Rainbow of Cultures

Paintings of India has always had recognition in the world.India has been the home of arts and crafts since prehistoric times and painting is no exception to this fact. Indians knew the art of painting since primitive times, the cave paintings are testimony to it.

I am a huge lover and fan of paintings of India. India, like its diverse culture has diverse painting styles to explore. Each one so unique , so different yet simply mind-boggling . No style can be underrated. Each technique whether it may be miniature, tanjore, glass , warli ,murals or madhubani is an artist’s delight. The variety the paintings express is unimaginable; the warlis illustrate simplicity while Tanjore depicts richness. The painting of every region and period provides an insight to the intellectual and cultural sensibilities of the people who painted them.

Through these paintings, the painters give voice to their thoughts and expressions. Paintings from India are known worldwide for its uniqueness and richness .

History of these traditional paintings

India has been nest of colours since primitive time, the petroglyphs are older than 5500 BC. Such works continued and after several millennia, in the 7th century, carved pillars of "Ellora" , present a fine example of paintings of India, and the colors, mostly various shades of red and orange, were derived from minerals. The Ajanta Ellora Caves are one of the most ancient proof of paintings of India
Painting styles differ from region to region, and from period to period. Like any other country the unique geographical positioning of India, played a significant role in the flowering of distinct regional styles. There are variety of distinct style each contributing to India’s art treasure.

Painting of India : Expression of sheer brilliance

Painting is essentially a combination of lines, forms, colors, tones, texture and space. It attempts to convey the spoken and unspoken expressions with the strokes of a brush.
Now explore these style of paintings on your own, Click the links below and learn each style, find information and designs..


Warli painting-Art form of Bihar

(click the link above , to know more and learn Warli paintings)
Warli Paintings, made in detail but their real beauty lies in their utter simplicity

Madhubani-Folk painting of Mithila

(click the link above , to know more and learn Madhubani paintings) These colourful painting will sweep you from your feet.

Glass paintings-Stunning Paintings from India

(click the link above , to know more and learn glass paintings)
A combination of clarity, excellence and stunning colours

Rangoli –Painted prayers of India

(click the link above , to know more and learn Rangolis)
Not a form of painting but is definitely a treat to your eyes


Tanjore painting-Rich Legacy of Tamil Nadu

(click the link above , to know more and learn Tanjore paintings)
Precious, rich artwork

Miniature art painting-Exemplary Mughal art

(click the link above , to know more and learn Miniature paintings)
Intricate wok adding new dimensions

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I hope you liked this trip to the exotic paintings of India, so add colour to your life with these paintings from India. So what are you waiting for take a brush and start right now